Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Why Words Matter To Me - A Lot!

I've written before about how words are used by society and the medical community in relationship to type 2 diabetes.  I feel strongly that the words that are used are often poorly chosen, hurtful, deceptive and discriminatory.   If this were just some fringe part of society using these words it would be one thing.  But it isn't some fringe hate group, it is the pillars of our society, the medical community and government propagating these words.  In particular I really think the words "Cure," "Prevent" and "Reverse" should just be banned, at least in the medical and government community when it comes to type 2 diabetes.

I would ask anyone reading this to help me "correct" everyone they come in contact with.  I don't mean to give them a bolus of insulin.  I mean that when you hear someone talk about cure, prevention or reversal of diabetes that you gently remind them that those are not appropriate words.  The proper words are "Managing" and "Remission."

To read more about my rants on these words, check out previous blog posts such as "Words Matter – Why You Can’t Reverse Type 2 Diabetes."


  1. Ah, you bring up such a good point, I haven't heard anyone mention the words cure or reverse yet today. I personally hate the word reverse! Managing and remission are much better.

  2. I agree that these terms are misleading. It would be nice if we could ban them, along with "artery-clogging fats" and "healthy whole grains."

  3. I agree, everyone should make a point to correct the use of misleading and unkind words rather than just let them slide. Words are powerful.