Saturday, May 21, 2016

My Day in Food - Being Resilient

When I am not traveling and am able to most of my meals at home or in controlled situations I generally find things much easier.  But I travel and often eat at places where I don't have great control over the food.  Today was basically one of those.  I attended TCOYD in Washington, DC and then immediately attended a retirement party.  And while I ate breakfast at home I had a morning snack and lunch at TCOYD and then ate at the retirement party.  This is about how I dealt with food for my day.

My breakfast was easy.  I had my usual, three extra large organic cage free eggs cooked over easy and two sausage patties.  And of course like 2 big cups of coffee.  Very few carbs, I can't really deal with carbs in the morning.  And then I was off to TCOYD, I left the house before 7am.  At TCYOD they had morning snack, you could choose from a piece of string cheese or an apple.  Of course I chose the string cheese.  And then for lunch we were served a turkey and cranberry slaw wrap with roasted sweet potato salsa.  You can see the menu at right.  I removed the wrap, that is my general practice.  By removing the wrap I dropped the carb count by half.  I also skipped the "dessert."  I don't eat dessert with either breakfast or lunch and rarely with dinner.  Seriously who has a dessert with every meal?

Finally at the retirement part tonight there was a literal smorgasbord of of chips and crackers, but there was also a good selection of cheese, sliced meats, olives and even some nuts.  So that is what I went for.  Basically when I have my food served to me I do my best to adapt, be agile and to be resilient.  I know that some of us struggle with allergies or conditions like celiac that make things truly difficult.  So I feel pretty lucky.  I can almost always simply select the things that I eat from what is available and in a pinch I often have emergency food in my backpack. My emergency food usually consists of nuts, canned fish (like herring) and hot sauce (a must). 


  1. I think your plan works very well Brian.

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