Tuesday, June 16, 2015

History of Diabetes - ADA History Exhibit and Sessions

This was the 75th ADA Scientific Sessions and history played an important role.  In addition to a large display of artifacts and recordings of important diabetes history there was also a special two hour session devoted to "50 Years of Diabetes Research and Treatment."  The session was chaired by Robert Ratner who graciously lent many of the artifacts on display in the history exhibit.  The Symposium had Dr. Daniel Forte give an overview of 50 years of research, Dr. Fred Whitehouse gave a great overview of treatment and Dr. Michael Brownlee gave a perspective as a patient, physician and researcher.  Finally, Kathrym Ham gave a really personal and touching story of her 78 years with Type 1.   There were about 70 Type 1 50 year Joslin Medalists in attendance many with the supporting family.  Dr. Whitehouse specifically recognized all the medalists and noted in particular the family support.  One has to but wonder what role that support had on the long-term success of the medalists.

That sums up the symposium, but if you want to see more of the History Exhibit I encourage you to read more of this post

ADA History Exhibit

Early Eli Lilly True "Sliding Scale" from 1935
Eight Sealed Specimens Representing the Stages of Insulin Production
Eli Lilly 1941
"Portable" Insulin Kit 1951
Ames Eyetone Blood Sugar Meter with Strips 1975
First ADA Forecast 1953
ADA Forecast 1971 - Deaconess Maude Berhman who created
and tasted recipes for many years.  I am scared.
ADA Forecast 1973 with an article discussing
the program timeline for creating an insulin pump
Ames Dextrometer from 1980 - This one had a digital display
An Early (1980s) Assortment of Human Insulin
Glucoscan battery operated digital blood sugar meter 1981
Snap-Gauge impotence screening device 1984
Deliberately blurred
NovoPen 3 1992
Captain Novolin Nintendo Video Game 1992
Assorted Eli Lilly Insulin Pens (2000s)

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