Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My Diabetes is like Kung Fu

Personify - to think of or represent (a thing or idea) as a person or as having human qualities or powers (Merriam - Webster)

I think that my diabetes is a bit like the personification of David Carradine as the character Kwai Chang Caine in the series Kung Fu.  Some of you may have no memories of his iconic role as a Shaolin monk in the wild american west.   I'd like to explore the theme of how my diabetes is personified by Carradine in this role.

David Carridine as
Kwai Chang Caine
I think a key aspect of why I feel this is particularly appropriate is that a central philosophy of the series is based on a "way."   That Caine was trained as Shaolin monk to embody certain elements of spiritual and martial arts training.  The spiritual training is based a great deal on the Toaist philosophy of Loazi and the Tao Te Ching. One interpretation of Tau is the "way."  And Shaolin monks were total bad a**es.  It was Bruce Lee who trained Carradine for the part.

So my Diabetes is Caine.  It has a way and I must recognize that way if I am to attain peace and health in my life.  I must learn that way.  That way is how my body behaves with diabetes, it ranges from how my blood sugar reacts to carbs to what happens when I take my medication and exercise.

Don't get Caine Upset!
And just like Caine, when I follow the way of my Diabetes I can go through life without being noticed, which is what Caine always did.  But if things disrupt my following the way, the dark side can come out and my Diabetes can kick my butt.  The Kung Fu series always had the show with Caine going into some town where there is something just not right, a social injustice, something which made Caine give up his spiritual way and total beat the living daylights out of those who have done wrong.  This is my diabetes, if I stray from the path my Diabetes will come out and totally give me a beat down.

So my Diabetes is like Kwai Chang Caine in Kung Fu.  It has a very specific "way" and when I follow the true path of my Diabetes I will have harmony and health and happiness in my life.  But if I step off the path, my Diabetes will reach out and totally Kung Fu me.

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  1. I like your comparison of your diabetes to Caine in the Kung Fu TV series. You have to respect the power that diabetes has and try to get in sync with it, not fight it.

    Congrats on finishing the Blog Week challenge.